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The collaboration with ALLMETECH started due to recommendations from companies which had developed successful projects together with ALLMETECH. Ever since the conclusion the first contract, we had a very good collaboration based on trust and professionalism. We will continue to ask for their advice when we seek cutting-edge technology solutions.
Practically, at present, we are bringing to the market a great number of products that, depending on size, range from plates of 1 mm to bars and tubes of 1,000 mm. As I said, we brought many types of products, around 70 – 80, to a market developed by us.
Georgica Iacob, General Manager of CEPROINV S.A
We are glad that we have found a collaborator who wishes to provide us with comprehensive solutions, who is focused on solving a problem and not merely on delivering a product. There were situations in which ALLMETECH delivered special equipment that was not included their traditional range of products, in order to offer a solution to the problem we were facing.
We intend to continue our expansion in the research and development area, in prototyping and in product development. For this we will need high quality equipment, which offers us high precision. The new products from the ALLMETECH portfolio – Roeders, Heller and Emco – have the attributes we are looking for. The following acquisitions will certainly be ALLMETECH products.
Vlascici Miomir, administrator of INTELIFORM
We want to continue our collaboration with ALLMETECH, either by transferring the know-how applied in the field of professional training, where ALLMETECH has been active for a few years, or by endowing the laboratories and workshops with new equipment. We are glad that we can count on a provider of integrated services, who knows the needs of the educational environment based on its own experience.
Ramona Titeiu, Headmaster of the Kronstadt German Professional School
We are operating in a niche area, our products represent a long term investment so that we have to ensure a good quality-price ratio. The implementation of the Modernization and Development of the SC ROTHERM SRL Production Capacity Project made us choose equipment that contains new, modern technologies and helps us produce the components and moulds necessary for the production flow. ALLMETECH has fulfilled all requests imposed by the project documentation and the delivery was made according to the graphic. Besides their seriousness, they offered us all the advice we needed to attain the desired results by using this equipment.
Stefan Bogdan, ROTHERM Administrator
We were looking for a provider who could understand the importance of choosing suitable equipment for our production flow, in order to give us competitive advantage. With ALLMETECH, we have built a relationship based on good communication and their proposed solutions improved the New Tech production flow.
Mugurel Irimia, administrator of NEW TECH

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