Allmetech offers, through its providers, a future platform for increasing efficiency and optimising production. The automation of production processes has unique advantages:

  • Increasing efficiency in the production process
  • Increasing product quality by reducing the risk of human errors
  • Increasing the stability of the production process and of the level of control by means of automatic programing
The robots offered by Almetech providers – Nachi – also have some competitive advantages against other robot producers:
  • The simple programing of robots. The intuitive software allows even the most inexperienced operator to rapidly understand the basis of programing and to determine the right directions in which to move the robot
  • Rapid configuration. If you wish to change the production flow, the robot can be rapidly and easily installed according to the new desired configurations, due to its reduced size and weight
  • Solving projects with complex work processes (with the solutions offered by Nachi). Nachi has the highest dynamic load capacity in the world
  • Safe usage. Robots can be programmed to operate at low speed when a person enters their range or to limit their power when coming into contact with humans

Other types of automation solutions come from Allmetech supplier – Zimmer&Kreim. Continuous flow production improves thoughput time and the strive for this continuous flow is enhanced by different types of handling systems. These may be liniar, mono or quad and are used for automatic changer for electrodes, tools and workpieces for EDM, milling and measuring machines.