We are passionate about innovation, about building a future careeer path. We think, we test, we assess and we continuously improve the professional services that we are offering and changing is a constant aspect of our work.

We try to transform together the world we live in. We believe that if you can dream about a thing, you can achieve it.

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The ideal candidate
• Engineering bachelor degree (Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building Technology, Electrical Engineering, Energetics and Applied Computer Science)
• Strenghts: previous experience in the field, knowledge about CNC machines controlling software (Fanuc, Siemens etc), knowledge of CAD/CAM Software
• Good command of English and/or German
• Teamwork
• Communication abilities
• Availability to travel for business reasons (almost 80% of the time)
• Good customer relationships
• Competitive spirit, analytical thinking, accountability, reliability
• Clean driving licence B category

Job description
• Learns the technical documentation of the tools and equipment to be installed
• Informs the customers about the pre-requisites for a new equipment installation and commissioning
• Installs and commissions the client’s machines and equipment
• Provides the service at the customer’s premises
• Fills out the service data sheet for each intervention
• Builds up the list of spare parts
• Contacts the spare parts suppliers via email or phone
• Saves the visits reports in an electronical and phisical format, warranty certificates, installation and commissioning documents

• Motivational salary package
• Health insurance
• Company car

The ideal candidate
• High education – bachelor/masters degree in technical sciences
• Technical knowledge of mechanical engineering / mechanical processing
• Al least 3 years experience in Sales
• Computer operating skills – MS Office
• Driving licence B category
• Sales training graduate
• Availability to travel to customers premises, in the allocated area, by the company car

• Keeps connection with the customers via telephone and emails
• Keeps track of the customers goals as discussed during the customers meetings
• Analyses the opportunities and offers value added solutions
• Plans and reports the progress of the activity
• Implements the management of opportunities
• Ensures the forecast communication
• Builds up the sales pipeline
• Achieves the business target
• Ease the access to the decision makers in the companies
• Knows and sends the correct messages towards the value propositions

• Motivational salary package
• Health insurance
• Training
• Company car

The ideal candidate
• Engineering bachelor degree (Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building Technology, Electrical Engineering, Energetics and Applied Computer Science)
• Practical experience in the field of mechanical processing of minimum 3 years
• Trainer cartificate would be an advantage
• Good command of English and/or German
• Communication abilities
• Open to share knowledge and practical experience towards the participants/trainees
• Availability to travel for work
• Driving licence – B category

Job description
• Knows the equipment and builds the material for the training, case studies, relevant examples, role-plays according to the trainees needs
• Delivers the training
• Completes the presence sheet
• Monitors the course delivery, trainees progress and evaluation, does the follow-up to measure the impact of the training after graduation
• Gives feedback, generates evaluation reports
• Builds up the forms for the training

• Motivational salary package
• Health insurance

Working at Allmetech

If you are passionate about your profession, you wish to fulfill your dreams, then you will be happy in our team. Meet some of the talented people that work for Allmetech and their stories.

We use to live our days and experiences around people and activities we are fond of. The activity we do alongside the Allmetech team, the values promoted by the brand helped me to approach the challenges of the professional life with enthusiasm and reliability. I have spent nine years within Allmetech team and my feelings are fulfilment, professional accomplishment and joy to meet dedicated and talented people.
Vasile Bulboaca, Allmetech Aplication Manager
For me, Allmetech is not a job, but a way of living! I do what I like most, I collaborate with beautiful people, I develop professional and personal skills, I larn every day new things and turn dreams into reality! I grew up with Allmetech and I feel that the opportunities I have every day halp me to evolve in this company!
Ramona Rosca, Allmetech General Manager
I really like working at Allmetech’s. It’s a lot of work, but the satisfaction and support from the company and colleagues are fantastic. Especially when a big project is completed successfully. I appreciate the fact that Allmetech offers me the chance to grow in the direction I choose. That is, my initiatives are appreciated and encouraged, I don’t feel like a small wheel in a large mechanism but like a person valued as such. I also like the fact that I’m never alone, Allmetech grants me the freedom to do what I think is best and gives me all the support I need. There’s also the feeling that you’re part of a family, both among the colleagues and the clients, I am welcome everywhere. I really feel we have tight-knit, consolidated relationships with our clients. All this balances the fact that there’s a lot of work to be done and makes it all the more pleasant and easy.
Andrei Oiaga, Business Development Manager Allmetech
A positive atmosphere and a very welcoming team. That was my first impression of Allmetech. The professionalism and procedures that are part of the company’s activity have provided me with the perfect frame for my professional growth and development. On top of that, Allmetech also offers a comfortable space which inspires me towards quality and innovation.
Simona Bosincianu, Human Resources Specialist Allmetech

I’ve forged my own professional path at Allmetech and I appreciate the freedom of expression that I enjoy, without being ”pulled by the ear”. I have found here a young, exuberant and dynamic team, who not only shows professionalism and dedication but also knows how to have fun! All in its proper time, all at 100%.

Florian Marin, Business Development Manager Allmetech
When I got hired at Allmetech I adjusted very quickly because I was helped by the team, I have found friendly, helpful and very professional people here. I appreciate how speedily my colleagues and the management answer my requests and I would also like to stress the positive impact that the flexible work hours have on me. The thing I value most is maybe the feeling of normalcy. I have worked in Germany for some time and there the respect for work and the employee is present everywhere – I am therefore glad to have found the same values in Allmetech.
Marian Moron, Technical Consultant

What I like most about being an Allmetech employee is how I am treated, that is to say I am a professional whose opinions matter. I appreciate the fact that there are no dictatorial decisions, all the projects and objectives are settled together. The system is both democratic and visionary in terms of management, which I really like. Upon entering the firm, I appreciated my co-workers’ help very much: warm, friendly, kind people who answered all of my questions with a great deal of patience. The company has solid values, with a stress on cooperation, understanding, respect towards the employees and clients. I am encouraged to grow professionally and personally. For example, I interact with people from companies like Siemens and Emco. To conclude, Allmetech is a company for which I enjoy working, I look forward to going to the office every morning.

Monica Cretu, Marketing Coordinator Allmetech