Allmetech with the partnership of TEACHING offers CNC trainings – training and improvement for CNC machines operation and programming. The TEACHING Association is an approved ANC professional training provider.


Depending on the type of training, the knowledge consists of: introduction to machine tool operation, machine coordinate systems, machine tools usage domains, splintering process programming, basic auxiliary commands, tool calibration, tool correction, programs, basic motion commands, applied practice.
The trainings are aimed at operators and programmers working with numerical control machine tools that want to further their theoretical and practical knowledge. Furthermore, the trainings address young people just starting out in the domain of mechanical operations as operators and programmers.
After taking these trainings, the students can gain employment in automotive, aero-spatial or mechanical domains. Also, Allmetech supports top grades students to find employment at home or abroad.
The CNC operator training and improvement trainings are ANC approved.
The trainings can be held on the companies’ facilities on their available machinery or at the Allmetech headquarters on the following machines:

  • CNC Milling Machine on 3-Axis – MILL 55 with interchangeable attachments
  • CNC Lathe – Turn 60 with interchangeable attachments
  • Multiple licenses for Fanuc, Siemens, Haidenheim and Winmax 5 (Hurco)
  • NX CAD CAM design and programming licenses from SIEMENS
Available languages: Fanuc, Siemens, Haidenheim, Winmax 5, Fagor
The training is held at the client’s facilities or at one of Allmetech training locations: Iasi and Timisoara.
Depending on their type, the trainings end with either a certificate of completion or an ANC approved diploma for training and improvement trainings.
  • Practical know-how of trainers with production experience
  • Learning efficiency through training adapted to your company’s needs
  • Access to multiple programming languages at the same location
  • The ability to train on the latest machinery without interrupting production
  • Increase employee motivation and productivity by providing learning opportunities