Specialized Technical Support

You can send us the component you want executed and we will prepare a customised technical solution that will correspond perfectly to your requirements. Also, in order to attain the best results, it is important that the endowment we offer is integrated and functions seamlessly after it is fitted into your industrial assembly. Therefore, Allmetech provides you with technical support for selecting, implementing and using the provided endowments and at the same time it guarantees a high level of performance.

Implementing and Validating the Solution

You can benefit from the entire Allmetech experience acquired as a result of implementing over 150 successful investment projects. If you make that decision, we can guide you through the process of implementing the technical solutions you have selected: installation and operating, coaching and training the staff, doing tests in order to validate that solution.

Equipping the Machines with Tools and Fixture Systems

With a portfolio of 15 important providers of tools and fixture systems with which Allmetech has been collaborating for over a decade, you have de possibility of selecting the machine tool fittings according to the applications you need to execute and the machinery you have available.

Endowing with Measuring and Control Equipment

Measuring quality is essential to the production process and this is why at Allmetech you will find a large range of measuring solutions, from measuring and control equipment to the complete endowment of a metrology laboratory.

Training for Operating Equipment

The service of delivering the equipment to you also includes a comprehensive training program which is customised according to the training level of the participants. The Allmetech instructors are very open minded people and are ready to share their practical experience acquired in the production process and to offer advice on how to use the equipment as profitably as possible.

Equipment Service, Overhauls and Maintenance

Both equipment maintenance and respecting the measures recommended by the providers are very important aspects for maintaining the optimal functioning of the machines in the long term. Allmetech will support you during the warranty period and during the post-warranty period by providing service, spare parts, periodical overhauls and assistance for equipment maintenance.

Support for Optimising the Production Process

Efficiency in using the equipment is a key aspect for increasing profitability. Therefore, by combining the technology developed by providers with their know-how and experience acquired over the years, Allmetech supports you with services for optimising the production process. These optimisations will help you increase profitability by reducing production times and increasing productivity.

Automation Services

With the help of Allmetech and its robot providers, you can select and implement automation solutions for increasing the efficiency of different stages of the production process. The automation of CNC machines with robotic arm have the fastest investment amortisation in the industry alongside other benefits, such as: easy programing, rapid configuration, flexible reinstallation and safe usage.

Creating and Implementing Siemens NX CAM Postprocessors

In order for the marketed equipment with CAD CAM software to function at an optimal level, Allemtech creates, tests, customises and implements postprocessors for any type of CNC machine purchased by Siemens NX CAM users (formerly Unigraphics).

Creating Programs Based on Themes

If you need a partner with which you can collaborate to create programs, you can send us the execution plan and we will create the NC programe according to the machine you have available.

Financial Solutions

The Allmetech partners provide you with rapid and efficient financial solutions based on an attractive long term lease or rental contract.