Knuth-Allmetech offers professional skills assessment services for all professional skills specific to the qualification in the profession of “operator on numerical control machine tools” as follows:


  1. Application of NPM and PSI
  2. Internal communication at work
  3. Professional development
  4. Carrying out teamwork
  5. Preparation of evidence and activity reporting documents
  6. Planning your own activity and organizing your workplace


  1. Supplying the workplace with materials and semi-finished products
  2. Supplying the workplace with SDVs
  3. Ensuring the operation of machine tools with numerical control
  4. Control of parts made on machine tools with numerical control
  5. Storage and shipment of processed parts
  6. Batch processing
  7. Programming the machine tool with numerical control – establishing the origin of the coordinates
  8. Initial adjustment of the machine tool with numerical control
  9. Static tool adjustment and mounting of fasteners
  10. Studying the execution documentation
  11. The evaluation takes place at the company’s headquarters in Iași and lasts 2, 3 or 4 days depending on the selected package of skills.

The persons declared competent as a result of the evaluation process receive a certificate of professional competences for the units of competence in which they have been declared competent. (if you opt for the minimum and medium packages)
The persons declared competent for all the units of competence that are included in the complete package, receive a certificate of professional competences for the profession of “operator on numerically controlled cars”.

Certificates of professional competence have the same value as qualification certificates and are printed and managed by the National Authority for Qualifications. They are recognized nationally and in the member states of the European Union through legalized translation and the application of the apostille.



  • The Medium Package also contains the Basic Package courses
  • The Complete Package also contains courses related to the Medium Package