Through the development of sustainable partnerships with leading suppliers, machine tool manufacturers, tools and equipment, as well as software design and programming, automation solutions, we position ourselves on the Romanian market as a provider of complete and integrated technical solutions.

Our Values

We care


We are the first to bring and integrate today the technology of tomorrow.


We evolve together to offer you the right solutions for continuous support and modern technologies.

We want our relationships with client companies with which we collaborate to be durable, warm and to evolve in the direction of the newest and most efficient industrial technologies. Our greatest contentment is to satisfy our customers who will come back for a technological upgrade or recommend us to other partners. Together we wish to place Romania as a point of interest on the international industrial map.

The Team
We want Allmetech to be an enjoyable working place, in which people are inspired to reach their full potential and to develop in all areas. We promote a friendly, understanding, innovative and responsible work environment. We are truly a team, we sustain and help one another, we continually evolve as people and we’re feeling excellent together.

Together with manufacturing and provider companies from Europe and America, we wish to rapidly bring to Romania the latest industrial technologies and trends, so that the Romanian industry can become a competitor on the international market.

We wish to actively, openly and responsibly take part in the growth of the Romanian society. So, in order to increase the level of professional knowledge in this domain, we organise CNC training courses.

In order to ensure a durable industrial growth and sustain the environment, we commit to using and promoting the most eco-friendly technologies and at the same time we try to save natural resources.

During the last years, the evolution of the business environment has taken us out of our comfort zone and has determined us to surpass geographical boundaries, under circumstances which challenge us to be more and more competitive.
Whether we are talking about the metal processing industry, industrial robots, research and development, professional training, design and programming, machine tools distribution, consulting and service, our daily activities offer us new opportunities.

Through developing durable partnerships with high-class providers, machine tool, tool and machine manufacturers, as well as design/programing software, automation solutions, we take our position on the Romanian market as a provider of comprehensive and integrated technical solutions.
We are characterised by dynamism, we look to the future and we adopt the latest technological trends to create the necessary conditions for optimal performance.
High quality and productivity can be attained by modernising and implementing automation processes.

With over 14 years of experience in the material processing domain, we intend to become the dedicated partner of companies on their journey towards Industry 4.0.

We actively promote the digitalisation of design and production processes by offering consultancy and know-how, complex services which guarantee the highest standards provided by our specialist team.
Furthermore, we value the people we professionally train in the Technical Training Centre, especially created for developing the specialist teams of our clients.

Technical education plays a fundamental role in forming a European generation, because it is the key to developing a society based on communication and the exchange of ideas and values. This way, we create a means of transmitting knowledge and conserving the industrial identity of the trainees and of the companies for which they work.

Through the CNC courses, we put forward the real potential of specialists by means of the latest and most efficient technological solutions and we inspire innovation through professional services of research and development.
The objective of the current trends revolves around three essential elements: accessing technologies specific to Industry 4.0 applications, integrating them with the existent assets and sustaining small and middle companies that want to invest in modernising their production capabilities.

Industry 4.0 focuses on digitalising all the physical assets and processes from one end to the other, as well as integrating them into digital ecosystems together with their value chain partners.
Data management and data analysis represent fundamental capabilities of Industry 4.0 and the applications are simplified by specific technologies.

From the very beginning we have been committed to a sustainable development: to surpass the expectations of clients and to deliver quality services, we are connected with what we call “innovation and investment in the future”.
We respond to the challenges of our clients who wish to construct durable production facilities, by offering them customised solutions and teaching them how to communicate with machines.

Each time we enthusiastically complete the mission of being a local provider of “Smart Industrial Solutions” for any company who wants to benefit from high performance in a global business environment.
Besides equipping our customers with machine tools and the necessary technical capabilities, we also provide them with consultancy, maintenance and product testing services in order to optimise production times and other monitored performance indicators.

We had the honour of collaborating with clients from different domains, such as metal components and spare parts manufacturers, tool rooms, mould workshops, automotive industry, aerospace industry and professional education institutions.
Therefore, these are the words that define our mission and activity: PROGRESS, DEDICATION, FLEXIBILITY, INOVATION, PASION and RESPECT.

We are proud of our young and dynamic team which has grown together with the company and still contributes to its development!

Social Responsibility

We think it is important to openly, actively and responsibly become involved in our community. Therefore, we channel our efforts in two directions: professional training and social projects.

Through professional training, we offer a unique platform of voluntary work for students, which can help their professional development in the industrial domain. They also learn how to successfully finish projects, to negotiate and to get to know new people. These capabilities can develop their careers.

Through social projects, we help children from socially disadvantaged families, talented young adults without financial support and helpless elderly people. We are but a drop in the ocean of benevolence, but we think that every drop of goodness can make a difference.