From design to different processes, each stage of the manufacturing of a product is important. Allmetech offers you the integrated NX CAD/CAM/CMM platform from Siemens developed for design and manufacturing and supports you in adopting customised solutions to ensure efficiency and productivity. These are the key elements to being competitive on the market.



Siemens NX CAD technology enables you to import and modify the geometry of an existing source so that you can reuse the data from a complete system: product design, industrial design, 2D sketches/ documentation, electromechanical design.

The main benefit: it optimizes manufacturing times; there are also other advantages:

  • Power and flexibility which sustain any work method – top-down or bottom-up
  • Increased scalability through a series of add-ons
  • Use of synchronous technology
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NX CAM offers computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions for CNC programing of multifunctional machine tools, post processing NC programs and simulating production processes. The advanced functionalities of NX CAM modules help you maximise the benefits of the investment in CNC machine tools.

The main benefit: the most efficient CNC programming solution; there are also other advantages

  • Reduces the necessary time for NC programing and the processing time
  • Improves the quality of the processed surfaces
  • Reduces manufacturing time
  • Avoids production errors

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The main benefit: the most efficient CNC programming solution; there are also other advantages:

  • Reduces programming time with up to 80%
  • Creates libraries with the best work procedures
  • Allows fast, easy and intuitive learning

Solid Edge

Mechanical design system, leader in this industry; there are also other advantages:

  • Very easy to use
  • Extremely flexible
  • The most comprehensive hybrid CAD 2D/ 3D system
  • Uses synchronous technology for accelerated design
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Team Center

The most efficient solution for complex products; there are also other advantages:

  • The most frequently used and advanced PLM (Product lifecycle management) solution
  • Sustains the increase in productivity and simultaneous working style (concurrent design)
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You can attain performance in 3D moulding in your journey to Industry 4.0 by benefiting from the know-how of the Allmetech engineers in partnership with Siemens:

  • Technical support before purchasing the software and during the implementation process
  • NX CAD/CAM/CMM training, at our headquarters and also at the headquarters of the client company
  • Free testing of the software for a period of maximum 6 months
  • Implementing efficient solutions for HSM cutting
  • Integrating the software into the machines available, by creating postprocessors and optimising programs
  • Evaluating and optimising the manufacturing process
  • Increasing the efficiency of production cycles: milling, turning, 3D measuring, finite element analysis, designing moulds

PLM (Product lifecycle management) undertakes the management of the entire life cycle of a product from inception, through conception, design and manufacturing stages, to product usage.

PLM allows you to make conjunctive decisions based on the information available in every stage of the product lifecycle. PLM Solutions create a cohesive platform which optimises the processes during the lifecycle of a product and the relations between departments. They maximize the endurance of the product portfolio and the value of the products.

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Teamcenter helps you deliver increasingly complex products to the market while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations.
From design to different processes, TEAMCENTER helps you organise each stage of the manufacturing process. The Teamcenter product portfolio includes administration of undertaking processes, management of engineering data, extended collaborations initiated by the company, project management, request management, global integration and visualisation.
Teamcenter transforms the general performances of your business by delivering unique capabilities for extending your range of knowledge about the product.

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Solid Edge is a mechanical projection system, an industry leader with exceptional instruments for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes. Solid Edge guarantees the absence of error and the validity of the design solutions.
It is the most comprehensive CAD 2D/ 3D hybrid system, which uses synchronous technology for faster designing, rapid transfer and improving important information.
Everything from moulding surfaces to stamping metal components: whether you design stylised or stamped metal products or even the machines necessary for manufacturing them, the most recent version of Solid Edge includes new innovations from assembly design, synchronous technology, moulding surfaces to detailing.

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Alphamoduli Software

Zimmer&Kreim’s software solutions, developed under brand name Alphamoduli, are unique through their automated response to company needs and to different levels of automation.